Our Pandemic Postponements

As we near the end of this extraordinary year, the WAA is sending you our annual newsletter which was originally intended for distribution at the Congress last April. Due to the unprecedented and amazing circumstances of the past eleven months, our congress and many others have been postponed and we now look forward to the in person meeting with our hoped for rescheduled date of October 2021, again, in the wonderful city of Istanbul. 

Our President, Dr. Fevzi Altuntas, notes in his address the many challenges that are facing the medical communities at this time. In our overview of societies we have included the information from earlier this year and know that you will appreciate that some of the information will have been subsequently updated as new boards and members have been elected over the past months. Nonetheless, the annual reports will inform you as to what has been going on with our various member societies and we know you will all be impressed to see how active they have been. 

It is particularly of note that apheresis practice is playing a major role in this Covid pandemic with many nations and programs organizing to collect and use convalescent plasma to provide antibodies to affected patients. Additionally, plasma exchange is being used to treat the cytokine storm and other manifestations of this devastating virus. There are sure to be many important publications sharing information on the effectiveness of these procedure in treating this disease and its many ramifications. 

The need to postpone our biannual meeting has required us to delay the appointment of the new board whose election was ratified during this year. This is only appropriate considering these difficult times and we thank the current board members for continuing in their positions and welcome the opportunity to celebrate the new members at our next board meeting. 

To all of our members: stay well and do take care during these difficult times.