About the WAA


Our purpose

The purpose of the World Apheresis Association is to:

  • Provide an organization through which all professional Societies dedicated to research and/or clinical practice in apheresis can communicate and collaborate;
  • Foster global collaboration in scientific investigation, research, clinical applications, education and exchange of information relating to apheresis and allied fields in clinical and laboratory medicine;
  • Facilitate the availability of safe and effective apheresis techniques for the collection of both cells and plasma as well as the removal or modification of blood constituents in disease;
  • Encourage and advance high standards of administrative and technical performance in the field of apheresis;
  • Manage a worldwide registry of patients treated by therapeutic apheresis.

How do we achieve our purpose?

In pursuit of the above goals, the World Apheresis Association:

  • Hosts a biennial international Congress devoted to all aspects of apheresis;
  • Contributes to the exchange of scientific information through its official journal, Transfusion and Apheresis Science, and our annual newsletter.
  • Promotes the exchange of information between apheresis physicians and practitioners.