Association Membership

Membership Application Process

Are you interested in joining the World Apheresis Association (WAA)? If yes, you are invited to apply for a membership by sending the following to the head office:

  • A Letter of Request

    A letter of request to the President of the WAA.

  • Organizational Bylaws

    A printed or digital (PDF) copy of your organizations bylaws.

  • Submission

    You can send the required documentation using regular mail or email.

Your letter should describe the organization, and may include the following:

  • A list of the names of your current board members, and the position each holds within your organization.
  • Full contact details, including email, mailing address, phone, and fax for organization
  • The main details of the next annual meeting, including date and location
  • Some key issues facing the organization may be included
  • You may wish to mention any special events or projects
  • Other information of your choosing about past or planned activities of your organization, such as training programs or other initiatives, as well as the date and place of your annual meeting.

Our annual fee for member societies in 2023 is $225 USD regardless of membership size. Subject to change.

We are currently working on a solution to accept digital payments. We’ll update the process and inform our members once that solution has been implemented.