The WAA has had a data registry since 1999.  It is open to all investigators who wish to record their activities.

A major activity of the WAA is an international data registry that began 20 years ago under the direction of Professor Berndt Stegmayr of Sweden. At that time most existing registries were nation- based as well as specialty based (Nephrology, Transfusion Medicine etc). The goal was to create a registry to collect data on the routinely used therapeutic apheresis procedures performed worldwide, to gain more information about their effects and side effects, to have a basis for knowledge transfer, techniques and a common registry to perform retrospective and prospective studies. Founding members included the Canadian Apheresis Group (CAG) and the Société Française d’Hémaphérèse (SFH).

Although the data server was, and is, located in Sweden, the data entry is worldwide, and is made possible due to a web -based data entry login.  Each participating centre enters non-patient-identifiable data throughout the year.  At the end of each year, participating centres receive a file of data entered that gives insight on methods and procedures to help optimize treatment.  The WAA-registry is available to all member societies at no cost.  By 2021, over 115,000 procedures in more than 30,000 patients are included in the database, and many publications in the peer- reviewed literature have used this database.

Click here to view the Apheresis Registry Working Group – 2021 Report.