Eligibility Rules

Cohn de Laval Award



Individuals who have made significant scientific contributions to the discipline of apheresis or who have given outstanding service to WAA or the discipline. The candidates may be practicing or retired but must be available to accept the award at the biennial Congress.


Candidates may be nominated by any WAA member Society or by an active individual member and two seconders from a WAA member Society. Nominations must involve a fully completed nomination form, updated curriculum vitae, and a nominating letter from the president of the nominating society or from the individual nominator and the two seconders. Nominations should be completed at least one year prior to the expected presentation.

A list of all nominations will be sent to each member society for final selection at least six months prior to the date of the Congress. The awards committee chair tabulates the results from the member societies and notifies the WAA president as to the successful candidate. The selection process must involve a majority of at least 2/3 of the selection committee members.